FarmDecisionTECH™ includes an API; granting access to sensor telemetry data as well as contextual metadata for devices and their deployments. Intended for use by developers, data integrators, data analysts & data scientists. Please find below steps for accessing the API.

If you do not already have an account please sign up for one here:

Once you have an account log in and visit the api landing page here:

You will need to generate OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials to access the API. Please click the button ‘Generate API Credentials’

Your access details will be shown on the page. With these authentication details you will be able to authenticate and query the API straight away using the api endpoint

Documentation for the various apis call can be found at which also includes a sandbox to test making calls. An API development tool such as postman ( ) can also be useful.

Testing the API in the FDT Sandbox


  1. Click the green ‘Authorise’ button.
  2. Click ‘Authorise’ again.
  3. Close the authorisation window.
  4. Scroll down to the /asset/types API call under Metadata and click on the panel.
  5. Click ‘Try It Out’
  6. Click Execute.

Scroll down to find the server response which includes a list of asset types relating to devices. Device Category, Device Type, Site & Zone.

Each API call can be tested here. You will also find a description of the API call’s parameters and outputs.

Example Implementations